European Qualifications Passport for Refugees: Integration Through Education and Employment

Originally published by The UN Refugee Agency and reprinted with permission.

Strasbourg/Athens, 27.03.2018 - Since the beginning of what is often referred to as the refugee crisis in Europe, the recognition of refugees’ qualifications has become one of the main tools to integrate them into European societies.

Following a successful pilot project in 2017, which was supported by UNHCR in Greece, the Council of Europe is launching a new phase (2018-2020) of the European Qualifications Passport for Refugees: a capacity-building project aiming at assessing refugees’ education level, work experience and language proficiency of refugees in absence of full documentation thanks to a tested methodology. The European Qualifications Passport for Refugees describes the qualifications in a format that should facilitate the use of the assessment both within and beyond the refugees’ host country. Therefore, if refugees move to another country in Europe their qualifications do not need to be assessed again. Read More.